Top 5 Tips for Grindr Success


Whether you are  a “bored, “top looking”, “hung for fun” or “bi and not out” follow these tips to to find your “NSA”, “sub btm”, “daddy CBD” or that long term relationship. 

1. The Photo: 

This is the first impression and probably the most important. Choose a non blurry face pic. A face and shirtless pic will definitely grab people’s attention. Check your surroundings. Whilst it might be a great angle, three weeks of dirty laundry and last night’s pizza on the bed is sure to undermine your good work. Now, I know how tempting it is to show that flat stomach, but if you need to stand side on, shoulders twisted completely around, whilst back lit and holding your breath you need to advice this pose. 

2. Your display name:

This is your one shot to gain their attention. This should be eye catching. It can be something you like to do in or outside the bedroom. Now, this is the part where you need to be honest - If you are a bottom say that. Don’t label yourself “vers top” if you prefer to be eating the pillow at the end of the night. It’s better for everyone.

3. Conversation

We have read this a thousand times “say more than hi”. People, this is true! Most won’t reply but if they you will find yourself in the constant loop of hi and hey until someone loses the will to live. Make the opening interesting and ask a question relating to their profile. This shows you have taken the time to read it. I know it can be boring but do you want them to reply of not?

4. Timelines

Now, this may be slightly controversial as everyone “has busy lives so won’t reply immediately” but you need to reply immediately!  People expect timely responses  Turn. It. Off if you are not able to respond. 

5. The dick pic

  • Restrain from sending unsolicited dic pics. We’ve all done! It has reached that time of the night where it’s the last hope or you want to show someone what you think they are missing. Ok, let’s use the dic pic to our advantage. If you remember nothing else from the below list, remember this. The best dick pic is the opposite of the selfie. To the right and down low. 
  • No dicks alongside drinks cans, aerosols, electric razors or any inanimate object for that matter. It’s just weird and not sexy.
  • Don’t stress about the size. A great dic pic focuses on the whole dick (regardless of size) and doesn't need to be taken from weird angles to maximise size. 
  • Lighting is important, make sure there is lots of natural light and it’s not taken at 2am in a dark room.
  • If you are game, use the reverses camera (or get someone else to take it) and take one of you holding your dick and include your face. I know wouldn’t be my preferred choice! If that’s the case go for the more arty option. Leave the camera on the table, have your dick closer to the camera. The result will be your dick in focus with an artistic blur of your body. Also things closer to the camera naturally appear bigger. 

So there it is! Follow these tips and you are assured to meet the man of your dreams. (well for tonight). In the next post we will tell you how to vet potential dates and find that long term relationship in amongst all the 'special' people on Grindr. 


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